There’s a better way to understand your students

Loop’s app-based platform puts students at the heart of their journey by providing continuous, real-time feedback to educators and education institutions

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Measure and understand student experience

Qualitative and quantitative insights to understand the impact of change, and measure success.

  • Real-time data to transform teaching and learning programs
  • See the big picture of student experience
  • Improve reputation, increase completions
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Formative feedback to make change in the moment

Supports teachers to improve learning outcomes, by gathering real-time, formative student feedback.

Loop for Teachers
  • Ask formative feedback questions in an instant
  • Optional anonymity features increase response rates
  • Review classroom data to demonstrate impact
Give all students a voice in the classroom

Provides instant connection to the learning environment to get the most out of student experience.
Loop for Students
  • Have agency in the learning journey
  • Use anonymity features to confidently express thoughts
  • Responses are private between students and educators

"Loop is very helpful for me because it is easy way to communicate with my teacher. Students can give feedback to the teacher and can tell the teacher that they are understanding the content of unit or not. It helps to share ideas of teachers and students about the study. Overall, I really enjoy to use this app."

– Loop student
Loop for Students

"Loop has already helped in me in 3 ways. Based on feedback, I have slowed down my delivery, addressed the issue of students not using our textbook (I assumed they were!), and revisited content in class that students were struggling to understand."

– Loop teacher
Loop for Teachers

"Our engagement with Loop has been high value and high impact, particularly as we move to embed flexible, innovative teaching practices across our organisation as part of our transformation strategy."

– Loop edu leader
Loop for Edu Leaders

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