Reviewing responses and messaging students

Guided steps

How to review responses
  1. In Home, click on the group you wish to view responses for
  2. Click the question you wish to review
  3. Quantitative will be summarized in the chart at the top of the page
  4. Scroll down to review individual responses from your group members
How to reply to student responses
  1. Follow the steps from 'How to review responses'
  2. Locate the student response you wish to reply to then click ‘Message’
  3. You will be taken to your Inbox, where a message thread will be created between you and the group member you wish to message
  4. Type your message in the text field, then click ‘Send’
How to filter student responses (reply to multiple students at once)
  1. Click the Filter by: ‘Round’ or ‘Responses’  drop down (A round indicates the time period a question is live to group members. Reopening a closed question starts an additional round (great for comparing data over time).
  2. Select the rated responses you wish to review *you can also select responses by clicking the chart for quantitative*
  3. The visible responses will update to match your filtered selection
  4. To message all filtered students: Click message selection * You can message up to 20 students at one time
  5. Type your message and it send: Each student receives the same message in an individual thread (they cannot see other student communications)
Message students individually
  1. In Home, click on the ‘Inbox’ icon in the navigation bar (top of page)
  2. Click the ‘new message’ icon 
  3. Enter the student name or select from the drop down menu in the ‘To:’ field
  4. Type your message then click the send icon (this creates a new message thread with the individual student)
How to post an announcement (Loop Plus)

An announcement posts a one-way immediate communication to all members of your group accompanied with the functionality of “read receipts”

  1. In Home, click the megaphone icon on the group you wish to post an announcement to
  2. Type your announcement in the text field
  3. Click ‘Post to group’ to immediately send your announcement or click schedule to release at a later date
  4. When your announcement is posted you will be taken to your inbox - read receipts will appear below your announcement text