Loop for students

Guided steps

How to sign up
  1. Search for “Loop feedback” in your app store and install 
  2. Open the App and click ‘Sign up’
  3. Select and option for sign up:
    – ‘Sign in with Google’
    – ‘Sign in with Apple’
    – Enter your details (start with your email address)
How to join a group
  1. Click ‘Join Group’ on Web or ‘+’ on Mobile
  2. Type your teachers’ 6-digit group code in the text field
  3. Click Join” 
  4. The group you’ve joined will now appear in Home
How to respond to a question
  1. In Home, tap on the group with questions that require responses
  2. Select or enter your response
  3. Choose if you want to send your response anonymously or identified by ‘checking’ the ‘Send Anonymously’ toggle
  4. Click ‘Submit response’
How to send a message to your teacher
  1.  In Home, click the group of the teacher you wish to message
  2. Scroll to the end of any outstanding questions
  3. Click ‘Message your teacher’
  4. Enter your message and click the “send” icon