Activate student voice, improve teacher effectiveness and access continuous student experience data

Australia’s leading education institutions use Loop

Access student experience data

  • Loop data is continuous and instantly available - avoid the lengthy delays in accessing survey results
  • Get a system-wide view of how you’re tracking with student engagement and satisfaction

Engage students

  • Students shape their learning environment by providing targeted feedback to their teachers
  • Anonymous feedback means students can articulate pressing concerns without identification - feedback your teachers wouldn't otherwise receive
  • Loop’s mobile solution delivers response rates of more than 11x higher than traditional surveys

Improve teacher effectiveness

  • Teachers gather private streams of student feedback to understand what parts of the curriculum are sticking and what’s not
  • Loop means teachers can adjust course content and update resources in time - not when it's too late

Loop helps education institutions at each level of their ecosystem

Supports students to shape their learning environment

Empowers teachers to gather real-time feedback

Embeds a teacher-first approach to Student Voice

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