Develop world-class leaders. Fast.

Loop helps your leaders and star performers get lots of feedback,
quickly, so they can be their best

People gain feedback from diverse perspectives easily

Embed coaching and a growth mindset into the everyday

Organisations can track cohort progress to guide future supports programs

Loop is easy to use on any device

1.  People share goals or questions with their managers, peers, or reports

3. Teachers reflect on feedback and 

2. Students provide feedback in class or 

2.  Colleagues provide real-time feedback targeted to these development priorities

3.  People reflect on feedback and adjust practice

Loop reveals feedback from multiple perspectives, fast

"To communicate what the new
strategy means for our team's focus."



"Great job articulating the new strategy today. The team really appreciated the strategy you took, and the questions you patiently answered."
"I thought there was potential to put more of the thinking back on the team in today's meeting, rather than you answering each question."
"Your use of story made a difference – and already language used by our staff is shifting in the right direction."
"I love that it's so easy to provide feedback, in the
moment and in a way that suits me"
– Loop user
Give your leaders and star performers an easy way to collect targeted, real-time feedback
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Loop data provides instant, powerful insights for an organisation

See how your people are developing in real-time

Suggest goals to your leaders to ensure their development is aligned with business needs

Understand the impact of organisation-wide initiatives

Break down analysis by any segment you create, e.g. role, practice area or office

"Loop helps me develop my skills rather than
just absorb knowledge"
– Loop user
Help your people achieve a growth mindset
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