Authentic student to teacher feedback for an engaged classroom

Help teachers get the feedback they want

Teachers create a class and set goals or questions to understand the impact of their teaching.

Students, other teachers and heads of department provide feedback to help teachers refine their practice.

Teachers review their feedback and adapt their teaching to maximise student learning.

Data is retained and viewable only by each teacher, but can be easily shared with colleagues and mentors.

Create a safe space for students to shape their learning

Feedback can be anonymous so students feel safe being honest.

Students can also set goals and request feedback – from their teachers or even their classmates.

Be truly responsive to student needs to create an engaging classroom that best supports learning outcomes.

Build a classroom for the 21st century

Move to a feedback model that is continuous and truly in the moment – not just at the end of term or year.

Replace the effort of pen and paper surveys with ongoing feedback in a few clicks.

Keep all feedback in one place, allowing for reflection anywhere, anytime.

Track progress against development goals through data analytics.

Create a genuine 360° feedback school, with teachers, students and school leaders able to set goals and receive feedback.

Loop enables more moments for feedback in primary and secondary schools, tertiary institutions, and in the delivery of adult education

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