Continuous feedback to accelerate learning at work

Get continuous feedback flowing to connect and empower your employees through regular, meaningful performance discussions

Start continuous feedback instantly with a tool that doesn’t require any integration.

Timely feedback makes a difference, so Loop gives people and teams the flexibility to set custom goals and provide feedback at any time. No waiting for a formal performance discussion means people can get better every day.

Make performance discussions more meaningful by enabling people to access feedback they wouldn’t otherwise receive, and build up a picture of their progress, which they can export to share with mentors.

Connect your people and enable feedback between anyone – leaders, peers, reports, teams.


A tool for leaders to develop their people on the fly

Easily keep track of your team’s goals and develop them regularly

Creates a space where feedback is desired and expected, opening opportunities for feedback you might not otherwise give or receive, because previously, there just wasn’t a place for it.

Build individual and collective team performance faster by allowing teams to support and keep one another accountable to individual and team-based goals.

Keep your people engaged in meaningful learning – without disrupting business as usual

Keep learning top-of-mind in a way that syncs with work patterns so people have opportunities for growth every day.

Loop tracks progress over time, and an individual’s feedback comes from nominated peers who are best positioned to observe progress. This means organisations can align and track individual goals against strategic organisational objectives – with insights they could never get before.

Loop enables organisations to identify and prioritise learning investment to support workforce capability, engagement and retention. Alongside learning programs and interventions, Loop provides long-term people insights to optimise future results.


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