Continuous feedback is the fastest route to high performance

High performance means finding new ways to grow.

We’re at our very best when we’re open to growth. Once we accept our development is never complete, we worry less about looking smart and put more energy into learning. We become as comfortable sharing our missteps as we do our victories.

Loop’s mission is to put individuals at the heart of their own development.

Truthful feedback is essential for growth.

We need truthful feedback to improve. If we’re unafraid, and if we listen, we’ll find out what we need to meet our goals. But, we also need this feedback in the moment – not when it’s too late to change.

At Loop we design for truth, to enable the regular and timely flow of honest feedback.

We grow fastest when we grow together.

We need each other to succeed. Our development is fast-tracked when we draw on the practical wisdom of those who know us best. And we can help others whose context we truly understand.

At Loop we enable trusted circles of teams and people, so we can all grow together.

Organisations thrive when they embrace growth.

Organisations depend on people development in line with their objectives. When organisations embrace a growth mindset, their people are more empowered and take greater ownership of the organisation’s vision.

Loop enables organisations and individuals to share a stake in realising high performance.

Why high performing people and teams love Loop

"Loop has prompted me to think more about how well my team is going, and to give feedback more often than I normally would"
High Performing LeaderUses Loop to keep track of team development
“My peers were able to ask for valuable insights that allowed them to change key behaviours”
Loop UserUses Loop in their work team
“I’m having better face-to-face feedback conversations now since we started using Loop. The two types of feedback complement each other very well”
Loop UserUses Loop at work