Loop is a smartphone and web app that makes feedback easy

Complement face to face feedback

Whether you’re at work, in the classroom or coaching on the field, Loop accelerates performance through continuous feedback.

Loop enables you to set goals custom to you, or to your team, and easily start a flow of timely, regular feedback.

Loop creates more moments for feedback, to help you get better at what you do, quickly.

Complement face to face feedback with Loop

Choose your supporters

On Loop, users invite those they trust to provide regular, specific feedback on their goals. This puts you at the heart of your development.

When you choose your supporters, you know that you’re getting feedback from those who know you best.

You also own your feedback data – so you can choose who you’d like to share it with, or whether to share it at all.

Choose your supporters on Loop feedback to get feedback from those who know you best

Help others grow

Loop allows you to give feedback in the moment – when it counts most.

Loop values your safety, allowing you to toggle anonymity on and off as needed. And because people invite one another to provide feedback, you know your feedback is valued and wanted.

Giving feedback though Loop only takes seconds. This helps teams to build a culture of continuous feedback for high performance.

Give feedback on Loop to help others grow

Why Loop works

Loop puts individuals at the heart of their development, creating a safe space for people to set their performance objectives and to receive feedback from those who know them best. Loop has been designed with busy schedules in mind.


Loop is the easiest way to gather continuous, real-time feedback.




You set custom, targeted goals

People drive their own development succees

You choose who gives you feedback

Users have a trusted network of people to provide them with meaningful feedback.

Individual feedback data is private to the user

Creates a safe space to give and receive feedback

Toggle anonymity when needed

Enable people to give the feedback they might not otherwise

No need for systems integration

Start feedback flowing instantly

Digital tool that supports agile ways of working

Fits with high performance management approaches

Field tested goals in app

Access Loop’s tested goals to maximise feedback

Available on Android, iOS and web

Loop fits with everyone’s routine

Ways to use Loop

Loop for Work

Continuous feedback to help people and teams reach their potential


Loop for Education

Authentic student to teacher feedback for an engaged classroom

Loop for Sport

Real-time feedback that turns everyone on the team into a coach

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