Develop world-class students. Fast.

Loop helps students get lots of feedback, quickly, so they can be their best

Students instantly know if they’re doing well

Course leaders see real-time student cohort progress

Students get ready for
the ‘real-world’

Loop is easy to use on any device

1.  Students set goals and share with peers

2. Students provide feedback in class or 

2.  Students give peers feedback in class, or after class, on any device

3.  Students reflect on feedback and make immediate changes to improve

Loop helps students get invaluable feedback from their peers, fast

"Encourage debate and 'conflict' in group situations so that all areas are explored, argued and agreed upon."



"Fantastic job steering today's meeting."
"It was clear that there were diverse opinions in the group, but you managed the dynamics well and provided everyone with adequate opportunity to contribute."
"One question to reflect on – could we
have got there any faster?"
"Loop helped me receive useful feedback from others"
– Loop university student
Give your students a fast, easy tool for peer feedback
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Loop data provides instant, powerful insights for course leaders

See how the student cohort is developing, in real-time

Understand the impact of course-wide interventions

Break analysis down by segment e.g. development outcome or year level

Loop builds students ready for success in the ‘real world’

Immediate feedback means students can reflect and develop as they study

Feedback is in one place, so students can share it with potential employers

Students create goals personal to their needs e.g. communication or personal leadership skills

Students get better at giving constructive, critical feedback in a team environment

"I felt comfortable giving developmental feedback to others through Loop"
– Loop university student
Help your students rise above the rest
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