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Loop helps teachers get lots of student feedback, quickly, so they can be their best

Teachers immediately understand their impact

Education institutions drive organisational strategies

Students shape their learning environment

Loop is easy to use on any device

1.  Teachers set questions to share with their students

3. Teachers reflect on feedback and 

2. Students provide feedback in class or 

2.  Students provide feedback in class or after class on any device

3.  Teachers reflect on feedback and adjust practice

Loop helps teachers get lots of personal feedback from their students, fast

"How much do the examples I use
in class help you to understand?"



"Please use more examples!
They help so much."
"Examples help me understand
better but today's example didn't
make sense – can you explain it
again tomorrow?"
"Can we try to make our own examples
sometimes? That would be fun and
useful to understand things better."
"Because of Loop, my practice is now
largely guided by student feedback"
– Loop teacher
Give your teachers a fast, easy tool for student feedback
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Loop supports teachers in the digital age

Teachers get feedback in
the moment – not just at
the end of the term

Feedback is kept in one
place, so teachers can reflect anywhere, anytime

Teachers can understand and adapt to students’ learning preferences as they change

Loop gives students a voice in the classroom

"Giving feedback on my phone after class is an easy way to let my teacher know how I'm going"
"Loop lets me work with my teacher to shape how I learn"

"I like giving feedback because it lets my teacher know how I'm going"

Loop data provides instant, powerful insights for institution leaders

See the progress of teaching cohorts, in real-time

Understand the impact of school-wide interventions

Break analysis down by segment e.g. teaching area or year level

"Loop enables us to track student
sentiment in core strategic areas"
– Loop leaders
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