Third Party Providers

It's important to us that we keep your information safe and secure. In order to help Loop provide, maintain, protect and improve our services, Loop shares information with a few other partners, vendors and trusted organisations to process it on our behalf in accordance with our instructions, Privacy Policy and any other appropriate confidentiality, security or other requirements. These companies will only have access to the information they need to provide the Loop Services.

You can find information on these partners and service providers we work with below, including what data we share with them or they provide to us, the service they provide for Loop and links to their respective privacy policies.

There are vendors that we use in providing (or in connection with) the Loop corporate website, but which are not used in logged-in areas of the Loop Services. These vendors are listed in the second table.

Provider name & location
How Loop uses the provider
What information is shared or collected between this partner and Loop
Branch enables deep linking between the app stores and the Loop app
User email address
Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides Loop with servers, databases, analytics, and network infrastructure
All user personal information and uploaded content, device ID, request data, and all logs are stored on AWS. Passwords are stored as one-way hashes. All personal data is encrypted at rest.
Messaging platform for internal Loop communications and notifications
In the course of investigating and resolving bugs and/or support requests, Loop teammates collaborate via Slack instant messaging and may share the email address of individuals submitting requests and the content of the requests itself (e.g., bug reports, any other help centre requests, and data pull requests from teachers and schools)
Sending email updates to registered teachers and students
Email addresses and other associated user-level data (e.g., Name) for teacher and school leader users (not students)
Internal project management platform used to organise Loop's current and future work.
Jira is a work platform where we organise our projects and manage our development tasks. We use it to document and solve bugs reports sent by users as well as data access requests sent by users.
Used for Loop internal emails, docs, slides, spreadsheets, etc.
Loop stores its own emails and files using Google services. Loop may share personal information with Google in the course of utilising Google services, for example if a user emails an employee for support.
To manage tags on our websites
Site usage and IP addresses

Third party service providers for Loop's corporate website:

Provider name
How Loop uses the provider
What information is shared or collected between this partner and Loop
To manage tags on our website
Site usage and IP addresses
To manage sales and marketing processes
Clients and potential clients that share information such as name, email, phone number and institution information are stored.
Analytics on our websites
Aggregated anonymised data. We do not use user attribute data features
Analytics on our websites
Site usage and IP addresses. We have requested “IP Anonymization.” We may share information like logged in/logged out state; Google Analytics shares back anonymized user demographic information. We do not use remarketing features to active users